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Its called I ded dedicated to :iconrainy-rose:
I want to die
I lost my life
I don't give a shit
Unless you poison me with sticks
Get away you gay slut
Go drown yourself in the mud
I want to die now
Because I'm an edgy bitch
Who kissed harpoons and sticks
Shot down a purple giant robot
Murdered Matt on the spot
Hes alive and thats bullshit
Because I wish hes ded, shut up commie.
I love to die
I hate my life
Got shot down in a robot
Lose an arm patched, like sofa
Read hentai cause thats my shit
Tord is just a savage bitch
Tom is a bowling ball with diabetes
Edd is gay and drunk
Go kys
I love my life
I regret life
But spite  my charms and beauty
I want a clone of me
Stupid edgy ass Edd
Gay commie Matt
Sugar high Tom
And the cinnamon roll me
I suffered by my friends
Matt betrayed us and thats shit
Tord lost his beauty even I'm gay
Edd says he kills Matt uh yay..
Matt comes back alive, robotic arms
oh yeah hi
While I get diabetes from cola
I wanna die on the sofa
:iconsherren-the-sucker:Sherren-the-sucker 5 3
This Is My Swamp by oreshiso This Is My Swamp :iconoreshiso:oreshiso 62 5 Various Doodles by AvocadoChell Various Doodles :iconavocadochell:AvocadoChell 5 0 I'm Back! (I think) by XOrangeKnightX I'm Back! (I think) :iconxorangeknightx:XOrangeKnightX 20 41



New warrior cat oc: Timberfall
Name: Timberfall
Age:14 moons
Gender: she-cat

Timberfall is a plump, short haired cat. She has stary yellow eyes and she was born with her broken leg. If she was ever to have a mate, she would go under pressure. She's a big softie and really just wants to cuddle. She has bad memory and a big clumsy since her short tail and being only able to use 3 legs. She's a loner but likes to wander around other clan camp's territorys. She easily makes cats take charge of her. She's afraid of music since it hurts her ears. She yowls mostly to music to echo it out but it never works. She easily cries and doesnt like to be yelled at. She is calm, sweet, coward and motherly to squirrels
Original base by…

This is maxine. For her manly voice most dogs thing she's a boy. She's the mother of gidget. They are both very tuff and Maxine never lose a fight. She sheds a lotNo, I disagree! I am a dummy! 
Original base by […
1% fluffy 99% tuff
She's the toughest poodle out there. Even though because well she's a poodle and people mistake her for being weak and stuff. She's very strong. Her mother is a french poodle like her. She has no soft side and if she sees anyone bullying anyone she will rage
Original base by kittymelodies

Yok is a easy going small bunny, always getting in trouble and singing alone. She strongly smells like cheese and is twinsies with Wix the bat
Original base by kitty melodies

Wix is twinsie colors with a fellow bunny friend, she usually watches the rasal group howl and sing and then goes back to her bunny friend. A strange thing about her is that she sleeps at night because she wants to be " like a bunny" or " like a dog " she sometimes howls with her other pals


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